Adrenaline in Birth News

March 23, 2009 at 4:01 am (Hospital Procedures)

This story came from my local NC newspaper:

This kind of training is obviously important for doctors who may run into emergency scenarios when caring for birthing women.  But doesn’t it also set in the idea that birth can always go wrong, that birth is always a potential emergency?  What about training scenarios where the mom and the baby are healthy….and the mom chooses to deny fetal monitoring…..or she won’t take RhoGam because of religious reasons….how about training for sensitivity when the need arises to examine a mom?  Do doctors train for these interesting communication situations, where they must employ all their skill and knowledge as a doctor and yet take into account the wishes and beliefs of their clients? Do they train for collaborative care?  It’s interesting to me that the special training scenario involves a situation where a doctor must take complete charge and use heroic measures to save a woman and a baby’s life.  This highly emotionally charged situation will be remembered much more quickly and clearly than the routine, mundane case of a woman for whom everything goes naturally and well.


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