Do You Doula?

May 16, 2009 at 2:49 pm (Uncategorized)

Just watched a sweet little film called Do You Doula?

It was a great overview of doula care.  It interviewed moms, dads, doulas, and medical professionals and asked them what kind of care doulas provide, how mothers can benefit from that care, and how doula care differs from and meshes with medical care.  At the end were some lovely statistics about the effects of doula care-  similar facts about doula care can be found in Klaus’  The Doula Book.  My favorites were that doulas reduce the need for epidurals by 60%, and the occurrence of Cesareans by 50%. 

I liked the mom and dad who both said that they primarily hired a doula for the dad- so he wouldn’t worry about his wife and would have someone to ask about what was normal while she was coping with labor.

I do wish that the film hadn’t started with a doula who was crying about how her birth had been stolen from her.  I don’t want my clients to have the idea that without me, they would be disempowered in their birth- I believe that however they choose to birth is right for them.  But that same doula said later that a very important factor in a mother’s satisfaction with her birth is her perception of her own power, so her message overall was a positive one for birthing mamas.

Thanks for this informative film!


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