Holistic Childbirth Classes in Asheville!

November 21, 2009 at 2:32 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m pleased to announce that I am now teaching childbirth classes along with Sara Rathbone, CPM.  We’re in the middle of our first series right now, and we’re really enjoying talking about our favorite subjects: pregnancy and birth!  Our class focuses on physiologic birth, empowered choices, and emotional awareness.  Here’s what we cover in each class:

Class One: Exploring which topics each couple is interested in; fetal development (with lots of fun pictures!); Nutrition; Common Pregnancy Concerns and natural remedies; Bellycasting; Nonviolent Communication, and a birth art project.

Class Two: Clay Birth Art; Physiology of the First Stage of Labor; Comfort and Coping Techniques for the first stage; Birth Video; Intro to Homeopathy and Herbs; Labor Visualization

Class Three: Physiology of the Second and Third Stage; Coping Techniques and Positions; Birth Video; Two Homeopathic Remedies; Birth Art; Affirmations for Labor

Class Four:  Unusual Situations; Birth Attendants and Interventions (including epidurals, breaking waters, fetal monitoring, etc.); Role playing; Birth Art: power symbols; Birth Video; Pain awareness practice

Class Five:  Newborn appearance, behavior and care; Placentas and their uses; Breastfeeding; Baby Art; Closing Ritual

Please contact me if you’re interested in our classes- they’re a lot of fun and it’s great to spend time with your partner and/or other pregnant parents.  Each class forms a really sweet community.


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