“Refer a Friend” Spring Doula Discount!

February 19, 2010 at 2:04 pm (Uncategorized)

Spring is coming, and it’s got me thinking about all sorts of babies coming into the world…baby plants in my garden, baby birds in the trees, a baby I know of who is working on being born right at this moment:)  I’m ecstatic about the explosion of growth and life that we’ll all be a part of in a few weeks.  Of course, that’s got me thinking about all the beautiful babies who are getting ready to be born here in WNC in these next few months. 

I want to give my support and love to as many mamas  this spring and summer as I can.  I know that this past year has been a trying one financially, and that some of you who might want a doula haven’t even looked at hiring one, because you can’t afford to.  I want all of you to have that calm, experienced support that a doula can provide at your births.  So I thought of a way that I could extend my services to more of you in my community.

Here’s my offer to you:  I will give you a $50 discount off of my services for each friend, acquaintance, or stranger off the street that you refer to me for an interview about doula services.  They don’t have to hire me, I just want to be able to chat with mamas who are looking for support.  I’ll give the discount for up to 4 referrals, so that would mean up to $200 in savings for your own doula care!

Please call or email me with any questions.  I’m always happy to talk with mamas about their pregnancies and birth plans.  And have a joyful spring!


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