About Communitas Doula

I am a private birth doula serving families in Western North Carolina.

Communitas is the feeling of community people develop during life-changing experiences.  I embrace that communal experience as I provide care during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I get to know you and your family, your hopes and desires for your birth and postpartum, your past experiences, your likes and dislikes.  Once we’ve connected in a caring, trusting relationship, I am best able to serve you through your unique childbearing experience.

The word doula comes from an ancient Greek word meaning “female sevant”.  A birth doula’s role is to nurture and support you, using calming words and touch, natural comfort techniques, and a range of labor and birthing positions. I assist your husband or partner in supporting you, and I know that the love that you and your partner have is the primary support you will rely on during your birth. I also encourage and assist you in finding all the information you need to advocate for yourself and your family.


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  1. Martha L. N. Goutal said,

    Very informative and helpful site! I’m only sorry my children were born a couple or three decades too early for this service!! I would have benefitted enormously from the knowledge and care you provide.

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