Birth Doula Services

I offer a Basic Birth Service, or you can enhance your doula care with additional prenatal or postpartum visits.  I also can plan and coordinate your Blessingway.

Birth Services

  • Interview
  • Up to 3 prenatal meetings, each about 1 1/2- 2 hours.  This includes an optional visit where your doula accompanies you to a doctor or midwife appointment.
  • Unlimited phone and email contact (I love hearing from you!)
  • Constant support throughout active labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum.
  • This support can take place at home and in the hospital- if I meet you at home and you’re planning a hospital birth, I’ll accompany you from there to the hospital.
  • One 24 hour postpartum visit in the hospital or at home.
  • 2 postpartum visits at home.
  • Additional prenatal or postpartum visits can be paid for hourly.


The purpose of the interview is for you to get to know the doula.  You can ask me questions about my training, experience, and availability (for a complete list of questions for potential doulas, click here).  I will be delighted to hear about your pregnancy so far, and I might ask you some questions about your plans for birth.  This is also a good time to see if I am a good fit for you.  Do you feel comfortable around me?  Do I have the qualities you’re looking for in a birth support person?  Would you like working with me?

Prenatal Meetings

Now that you have established care with your doula, it’s time to get to know one another.  The primary purpose of the prenatal meetings is for you to be comfortable with your doula and birth preparations, so that on the day you go into labor you won’t have to answer too many questions or work out details of your care.  Your doula will have enough understanding of your needs and wishes that I will be able to support you naturally, without you needing to explain yourself.

These meetings can cover a wide variety of topics, including

  • The stages of labor and the birth process
  • Emotions surrounding pregnancy and birth
  • Communication with doctors and midwives
  • Simple nurtrition and teas for pregnancy
  • Gentle exercise, taking a walk or hike together
  • Practicing coping techniques, such as breathing, visualization and relaxation
  • Creation of a birth plan
  • Research into topics, such as epidurals, episiotomy, water births, optimal positions, etc
  • Creation of birth art
  • Watching birth videos

Labor and Birth

I will meet you either at your home or at the hospital. Even for a planned hospital birth, I can still meet you at home and help you cope with labor there for a while before accompanying you to the hospital.  I can serve you in a variety of ways, from sitting with you quietly as you labor, to helping direct you through labor techniques and helping you stay focused. I can give you gentle massage, walk with you, and help you change positions.  I will also support other people; I can help to make sure your partner or family members remember to eat, drink, and I can take care of them so they can best encourage you.  I will stay with you throughout your labor and birth, and for at least an hour postpartum. In the eary postpartum period,I can help you establish breastfeeding and bonding.

24 Hour Postpartum Visit

I will visit you soon after your birth, generally within 24 hours.  During this visit, I make sure that you are comfortable feeding your baby, and that you are feeling well and have all your questions answered.  We can reminisce about your birth, and plan for the next few weeks postpartum.  If you need referrals for community services, such as massage, lactation consultants, or counseling, I can help you make those connections.

2 additional postpartum visits

These visits take place in your home.  I am happy to provide support for you and your partner in a variety of ways- from light housekeeping to newborn care to breastfeeding help and more!  The postpartum time can be emotionally sensitive, and those emotions can range from delight to feeling overwhelmed.  It can be helpful to have a familiar, calm person spend some time with you during that period, so that you know you have the support you need to begin the journey of parenting your child!


A blessingway is a ceremony that brings a mother’s community around her to bless her before she gives birth to her child.  The ceremony can be secular or spiritual, depending on the mother’s wishes.  Blessingways are a very special time for the mother’s friends and family to celebrate her and her pregnancy, and to wish her well for the upcoming birth.  I am happy to coordinate blessingways for my clients.



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