Meet the Doula

Mayari Waymouth, CD(DONA)
(828) 242-6594;

I’m a certified doula and mama living in West Asheville.

During my first pregnancy and birth, I was assisted by some excellent, knowledgeable and supportive midwives.  I gave birth to Choyen (all 9 lbs 6 oz of him!) at home, and the power and wisdom of that birthing process drew me into the study of pregnancy, birth, midwifery, doula care, and all aspects of working with my fellow mothers as they traverse their own birthing journeys.  I became certified in Reiki, studied homeopathy,  completed a traditional midwifery program,  and completed my doula certification with DONA International (    Along the way, I had my second son, Luka, and my daughter, Stella, both at home with more wonderful midwives.

Since I’ve started attending births in the hospital, I have been fortunate to witness a variety of experiences, from medically induced labors to completely natural ones, from vaginal births to Cesarean births.  I have seen that, across the birthing spectrum, the wisdom of women’s bodies and intuition remains intact.  As long as a mother feels loved, supported and listened to, she will be able to experience the power and spirit of birthing, within whatever circumstances arise.  I am delighted to attend home and hospital births, and I enjoy working with families and doctors, midwives, and nurses as one of the team of people supporting the birthing mother.  I care deeply for these birthing communities, and do my best to serve each member in the way that most enriches their experience.

Along with support, I think it’s vital that mothers inform themselves about issues related to pregnancy, birth, and baby care.  In our country, there are many choices a mother must make that can affect her experience positively or negatively.    I am happy to bring books and articles on a variety of subjects to my prenatal meetings, if my clients are interested.  I see this information gathering as a tool to help each mother define her own values, choices and wishes.



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